I hate getting my photo taken!
After running several campaigns where open rates on tests didn’t hold up on rollouts I’m hoping to see an independent rating report for data vendors. The last two years have seen a drop in response rates for email data. ISPs play a major role in this due to their tightening up on ‘acceptable’ mails but data vendors should be independently scored on their mailing policies. Established databases won’t work to a CPA model demanding CPM rates. I wouldn’t object to CPM if the data I was buying had an independent report which told me how many times the email addresses I was buying were mailed per month. In an ideal world for vendors, marketers and email recipients alike we’d be sending fewer emails, paying higher CPMs and getting much better responses. If data owners nurture, delevop and maintain a solid relationship with their database maintaining open rates through good management there is room for development of a bidding system for the mailslots. The database owners rewarded with increased CPMs for their data, marketers getting better results for clients and mailboxes being less clogged. Right now email campaign variables are so unpredictable predictions based on tests aren’t reliable. The kicker is that emails campaigns still hold up in their ability to generate revenue IF they get opened.