In the analog era marketing was about getting people to think things so they might do things.Digital media are interactive, so now it’s the other way round. Marketing is now about getting people to do things.
” Simon Silvester  (DIGITALLIFE TMN)

Download music, get an app, become a ‘fan’, start a thread, vote in a poll, update your status, log your location, share a video link, invite a friend, tweet a thought, write a blog, ms a colleague – there is an awful lot to do online today. There are a host of sites and apps inviting us to participate in the latest online activities, creating a competitiveness to be seen to be in all places at once – to be seen as truly connected by friends, fans and  followers. Frankly I find it a bit exhausting! How can you ‘follow’ over 3000 people on Twitter?? One of the people I follow – and there aren’t a lot as I don’t have time –  takes up so much space with their posts the ‘unfollow’ button is looming!

‘Marketing is now about getting people to do things’

By getting people to do things we can gain insight.With insight we can develop a personalised marketing strategy so we can sell to them.

The concept of getting people to do things before marketing to them isn’t that new. The Michelin Guide has been around since the early 1900’s and started as a car and road trip guide. Andre and Edouard Michelin wanted to create a guide to the best restaurants and accommodations available along the travel route of motorists.Andre and Edouard Michelin weren’t chefs or hoteliers – they owned a rubber factory and in 1891 they patented the removable pneumatic tyre. Michelin went on to be one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. Encouraging people to ‘burn rubber’ was essential to their sales. Making people do things (drive long distances in search of culinary delights) gave them the opportunity to sell tyres and grow their business.

What I want to see and think of in our industry are more creative and useful ways of getting people to ‘do things’ As marketers we need to value peoples online profiles and offer more for engagement than the ‘Win a Mulberry Handbag’ tactic. Brands need to get more inventive to get access to my space – my wall, friends and email address. The chance of maybe winning something isn’t high enough price to be targeted with daily marketing messages. Swish your hair???Asics has just released their online training program. Its something personally I’ll use most days to track my progress. In return they’ll get info on how much rubber I’m personally burning and the opportunity to sell me a pair of Asics at the right time. I consider that a good exchange. They occupy my online universe because they are useful to me. The battle for marketers is to justify our place on the screens and phones of our target market.Maybe its simpler to just pay for it???