I recently accepted a connection on Linked in thinking they were an old contact.

The next day I received an email with a list of jobs for agency bods based in London asking if I was interested and if not if I’d see if anyone I knew was interested?? Annoyed the pants off me. It wouldn’t happen face to face but it happens often online. The spray and pray tactic.

Online Connections. A lot of people see online connections as a publicly available measurement of their popularity – collecting as many friends, links and followers as they can to demonstrate they’re up to date on all the latest online forums. They’re following 2000 people on Twitter , have 337 friends on Facebook and add new connections to their Linked in profile every other day. I’ve only recently rejoined Twitter – have a handful of followers and people I’m following but already find the stream of tweets from this handful a bit of a brain freezer. Online connections are like friendships and need to be nurtured. Just as we choose friends in life we need to select our connections carefully as nurturing those online connections demands consistency, intelligent comment, original content and considered opinions. Considered up to date opinions mean you need to set aside time to learn about and do new things!

My personal online lessons this week

Having a lot of online connections doesn’t mean you’ll benefit more than someone who has fewer carefully selected connections. Most people have yet to learn the art of building relationships online and are kind of lost without the fallback of the alcohol tactic.

Personal friends sometimes need to be deleted/unfollowed/blocked  – their online presence isn’t a patch on the offline one.

To be considered more professional I need to update more consistently – thanks Gordon! http://www.intelligise.co.uk/?p=146

Keeping a weekly work list of experiences, articles/opinions that have interested me will supply the original content I need to update my blog and that will make it easier to find my own style.

To make an online introduction work you need to be creative .Mocking up an alternative  business reality for a potential business partner can get you a direct call. In fact, it did 🙂