I am still in the afterglow of taking delivery of an online shopping parcel from Neom. My office is now drenched in Lemon and Sweet Basil and I’m feeling happy and generous – as you can tell from the title of the post. I know Neom brand already having received a gift from a friend. Always curious to see how brands are using their FB pages I was pleasantly surprised by what I found. Instead of whining about how many brands I have culled from my FB page after a week of being fired unimaginative marketing messages here are 5 things I liked about their page.

Clever ‘Reasons to Buy strategy – The entries to the ‘Tell us why they need some TLC’ were warm and open – resonating I’m sure with a lot of women and I suspect reassuring other users that they were with their own kind. The comments  gave other users a list of reasons why  you’d buy someone Neom – not just for birthdays. The brand grew their database by another 10 potential customers with a close friend or relative  who already LOVES Neom.

Exploring Suggestions – a member posted ‘Wish there was a perfume’ and the brand did a little market research – collecting suggestions on favoured scents and an entry price point of £50.

Flash Sales – keeps members engaged. We all need to justify our online relationship – this is always a much appreciated way to do it – making members get the VIP vibe

Not all about Neom – competitions with partners ‘win a scarf from Irwin and Jordan’ and a week in an Essex spa keeps communications varied.

Encouraging use – Imaginative ways to use product . Brand suggestions and customer appeals to share info came up with over 64 comments and another 40 who liked them.

I’m now off to spray the rest of the house with my room scent – Neom is now a friend of mine!