The scramble by brands involving themselves in social media both amuses and frustrates me. Picked up a pack of lady essentials the other day and there on the side of the box – as indeed on 90% of boxes on shop shelves it seems was a cheery candy striped bubble ‘Follow us on Facebook’ On a daily basis I’m confronted with at least ten brands asking me – no rather telling me to follow them on Facebook. As a consumer I’m becoming much more savvy about what my online attention is worth – so please – GIVE ME A REASON. It had better be a good one. In the feminine essentials sense I like to associate myself with your product only once per month and thats through necessity not choice. I pay you for your product.You make money from me. If you want anything extra from me GIVE ME A REASON. Because frankly it’s not a subject I really want to dwell on longer than necessary. For a start Why should I follow you?? Right there on the pack give me a reason.

Follow us on Facebook – we’re here to answer your questions about Lil-lets

Follow us on Facebook – every month we give away 100 boxes

Follow us on Facebook – We survey women every month on celebrity gossip

For the sake of interest – I did look at their  Facebook page and found some interesting comments

May I suggest edible tampons?Tampons cause a lot of waste at our many landfills and can block toilets.If they are edible and come in a variety of flavours then problem solved (May 2nd 7.05pm 2011) Just gross.

I put tampons up my nose – is this dangerous?? (May 2nd 6.17pm) Someone isn’t taking this seriously – but can you blame them?

A few updates about the brand team doing a swimming challenge but apart from that was an unregulated sporadically updated page.The product isn’t the most exciting in the world but there is potential to drive a community.

So, lady essentials brand, if you want my headspace and time here are a few suggestions

I’d like to see a daily/weekly topic – so I know you’re there on a regular basis and want to connect.

When users have suggestions about improving your product I’d like to see them answered – I want to know you’re listening.

When some posts something stupid (tampons up nose) I’d like to not have to see it.

If someone raves about a product you no longer sell then explain why it’s no longer available.

Ask me questions that aren’t about tampons and only tampons – you’ll be able to use it later to sell me tampons without me realising it!

Collaborate with other brands to keep content varied and me interested.