This week I killed off a 6 contacts on Twitter.

Three of these contacts were recent ones from a great training course I did with Reach Further – I was in a following frenzy at the time (contact @Lizcable to improve your Twitter skills) and all they did was post business updates or keep asking me to ‘like’ them on FB.

Two were people I speak to regularly for work. Tweet at least 10 links each day to show they know the sites they should be reading – but offer no opinions.

The other is someone I’ve worked with and admire for their drive and ideas. All I see from them are cryptic updates about their role and work days – ‘the team is amazing’ ‘our latest strategy is the best for 3 years’ It’s a crying shame they don’t exchange one weekly insight for their daily diary updates. I know from personal experience they’re very smart. Their twitter profile just doesn’t reflect that.

The common thread – I’m more interested in what they think than what they do. I want a unique viewpoint. I want some interaction – the give and take kind.

I don’t mind occasional updates on activities but my online life is busy and time restricted  – justify your place or face the chop.

Things I do to justify my place on someones network

  • Ask questions – online or offline people like to talk about themselves
  • Offer opinions – If I post a link i try to show I think it has value by actually reading it myself and showing I have
  • Admit I don’t know everything – this has made me more contacts than lost me them
  • Say what I think – you have to put it out there. Be authentic. People may think my opinion sucks or think i’m wrong or misguided but doing nothing gets you nowhere. Mention to @Petejabber –
  • Defer to greater minds – sometimes a conversation I’ve started is taken over by someone smarter who adds more value, knowledge and insight. Let them run with it and learn as much as you can.
  • RT when you find something interesting or useful – reward with audience and encourage more good content.