I enjoy a certain creamy whisky based drink in the winter. I buy a bottle every Christmas time when there is a half price promotion. I’m in the brands primary target market – being a female 40 something. I’m unlikely to increase my consumption –I opted out of the brands emails and fan page ages ago. I’m drinking the product but I’m not engaging – I’m the retailers customer not the brands.

I don’t relate to the brand.

The issue for me is content. Recipes and competitions aren’t enough to engage me. Consuming the product is only a small part of my life. It will only ever be a small part of my life. If you want to maintain a relationship with me you need to talk about other things as well – not continually focus on how many different ways I can use it in cooking  or cocktails. Yes the recipes and cocktails will always be a constant – I should be able to access that info any time I like but it shouldn’t always be the focus. ‘When’s your favourite time to enjoy xxx?’ reminds me of the dull friend who always keeps the conversation coming back to the boyfriend who jilted her. Enough already.

Content needs to have more scope to keep me interested. My age group have many interests – start testing content based on some of them and see what kind of feedback you get. Collaborate with other brands who can regularly provide editorial which may appeal. It won’t be about drinking but it will have value for me which will mean will mean your brand has its lines of communication kept open. And I ‘ll still be listening when you occassionally introduce a conversation based around the product.