I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for 3 years – I spend around £85.00 and visit every 2 months, buying products now and again. I liked the salon as it was a pleasure to go to – somewhere I could be fussed over, be transformed from dull haired to dazzling and read fashion mags in stylish surroundings. My last two visits were disappointing, I arrived for one appointment to find my colourist was no longer working there, on another the magazines were out dated and tatty, the bathroom towel was grubby and salon politics were starting to surface. I found somewhere else.
Surprisingly I haven’t heard a thing from the business. Not an appointment reminder, not a postcard ‘Where have you gone?’ Not a feedback request ‘Have we done something wrong??’ Nothing. I don’t go anymore and that is that. Maybe my £600.00 a year doesn’t make much difference to them. Maybe they are one of the businesses in this recession that doesn’t have to love their regular client base.
The thing is though – I spend as much in the hairdresser per year as I do on my mobile phone contract. The mobile industry competes for my business daily with better value, more minutes, free number saving, smarter technology . The effort to get/keep my business is incessant. I’m a high value customer. Why aren’t I recognised as such by a small business?????
Customer relationship management doesn’t cost a lot but makes a massive difference.
What they could have done to keep me.
• Maintain what attracted me – Stylish clean salon, latest magazines, enthusiastic staff.
• Make me feel some connection – let me know what’s going on with the salon – what the focus is, new members, new products, your thoughts on trends for the next season.
• Pre-empt my needs – remind me that it’s been 8 weeks since my last colour and it will be looking less than fresh – don’t just assume I’ll be back
• Appreciate me – voucher, complimentary treatment, product sample.
For help with turning your customers into fans – work on 3% of revenue