ImageI met with a tech supplier last week to talk about mobile message delivery and measurement – mms, text, augmented reality (apparently it’s going to be massive once they make it less confusing) I explained what I wanted to do – integrate into a particular campaign I was planning and went through some case studies of previous campaigns I’d done to demonstrate how I calculate client risk –projections v actuals. I asked for some ballpark figures on responses per category so I could factor in overall CPA. ‘No I can’t give you those – it’s entirely dependent on the call to action’

Firstly – no campaign is entirely dependent on the call to action. Even if you’re texting ‘Half price pizza today’ the number of pizzas sold will be dependent on a few elements – delivery /whether it’s been read/what time/day its sent/what the weather is like/ if cheese has been cited as this weeks reason we’re all obese. Secondly – in this economy there aren’t many clients who are happy to invest in media with no indication of whether their targets will benefit.

Experience in your field will enable you to give some general parameters based on campaigns you’ve done – unless you’ve yet to do any. You can’t talk about a hugely successful client with massive sales via mobile and then be unwilling to tell me the kind of responses that made the campaign successful. I don’t want you to name names –or to give client results –  but I do expect you to go ballpark.

The refusal to engage in any talk of numbers just makes me think your focus is on your bottom line with no consideration for mine. ‘Suck it and see’ selling is amateur. I’ve missed reaching projections for clients before now – not by much  -but I have missed them. Conversely I don’t think I would have got the work if I hadn’t been able to talk about them. Making projections is risky but it enables you to pinpoint optimisation opportunities and have a plan B when things do start to go wrong.

Put your arse on the line. In my experience it’s given me more opportunities than it’s taken away