How many brands have you disconnected this week??

This morning I unliked a brand of alcohol. The resentment had been brewing for a while. The communications had been irritating me more than the ones the wife of a friend posts when she’s drank too much wine and gets sentimental. Funny thing is that I regularly consume the drink , it’s one of my favourites.The marketers and retailers have done their  job. The social media team has failed. I am no longer engaged.

4 Things they could have done to keep me

Stop using the name of the product in every post . The logo is ever present and instantly recognisable. I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Stop treating me as if I have early dementia.

Don’t suggest ways to consume the product more than twice a week. How to drink it, when to drink it, where to drink it , how to include it in recipes. There’s only so much of the product I want to consume.

Make posts more personal. Use location at least. Address me as a London dweller. Relevance is as important in social media as it is in traditional marketing. Use the tools available to you.

Diversify Content  – Use promotional partners content to bring some diversity to communications. The brand recently promoted a competition with Grazia so led the post with a spa break competition. It was great to see a post not about eating or drinking the product – I didn’t roll my eyes.  I would have liked to see them featuring more content from their partners  eg  feature some past Grazia articles, Champneys treatments

Question for debate – I’m buying the product and love it – should the brand care if I hate their social media strategy?