ImageI’ve been flirting with An MSc degree for a few years. After a couple of unfulfilling career years I still had the common sense to realise that the only way to transform my working life was to change myself and not just the role I was doing or the company I worked for.

I took the advice of a former client to drop my serious character and ‘get happy’ as people loved dealing with people with a pleasant disposition. I thought getting results would be enough to grow my network. It wasn’t. He was 100% right. A client even commented ‘I love calling you because you’re always in a good mood!’ (I’m definitely not always in a good mood but have become adept at faking it when I’m not!)

Another piece of advice from a successful and trusted mentor was ‘Do the masters – it will teach you to see things you can’t see now and change your destiny’ This finance bod catapulted the company he worked for into the big league with a £50m deal and swears if it wasn’t for his masters he wouldn’t have seen the opportunities

I’m 99% ready to sign on the dotted line.

My main concern is that spending a lot of time learning things which other people have already thought of will make me more reluctant to develop ideas of my own. Colleagues I’ve spoken to value the relationships and networking above the course material – having landed better jobs because of them. Most with Masters are never refused an interview for positions they apply for – they may not get the position but they always get an interview.

For me it’s about exploring myself and how I think within the discipline in which I work – Digital.

Was it worth it for you???