Man with a mission

I consider myself a hard sell. I work with companies and brands on their content marketing and demand generation. For me, recruitment content is familiar territory. I see a lot of bad content.I’m on a constant learning curve myself.
Content superstars exist though – people earning thousands per month selling industry based insight, advice, tips, predictions, methods. Doing content their own way. This is the first time I’ve paid for content for personal use. Here’s why I thought Gavin Walsh earned my £30.00.

He Did What He Said
I found Gavin Walsh when I  was looking for weight loss tips- found ‘7 Ways to Blast Ugly Fat ‘ entered my email address and I was on his recruitment program. Emails were friendly and informal, tips were very specific and detailed and I could implement them straight away.He emailed over the course of a week – I looked forward to getting the emails as he delivered what he said he would.

He Got Personal
If you want people to invest money getting personal is a brilliant tactic. He did a video link on day four of the 7 tips to demonstrate an intense mini workout. Now I had a face and voice to put to the chatty emails – Gavin was a bit more real for me.

Emotive Content
One of his emails contained a video of a burpee challenge he completed. Seeing him struggle to complete for me was the closing point. Emotive content is mega powerful – making people feel something – connecting on that level. He was also connecting with his audience on the one thing that would stop people getting results – failure to get past the hard bits.

He Respected the Contract
The final email of the 7 tips invited me to join the bootcamp program where I’d get a lot of motivation, diet and exercise tips or to unsubscribe ending the communications. He’d promised content in return for  the opportunity to sell to me.  He’d delivered and the  ‘contract’ was at an  end. Refreshingly simple and direct.

He kept it Real
We buy into authenticity. We want to be treated fairly, get what we paid for. I paid for a system which would help me lose body fat and get fitter. Its what I got. He used his own home for demos to prove his NO EXCUSES mantra was achievable. Hall stairs, coffee table, living room wall – they were all used for exercises. He also looked a bit rough on some videos (sorry Gavin!) but the focus wasn’t on him – it was on his community – giving them what they paid for.

I lost  7lbs and  went on to purchase another program.

Find him here