Friends and family are well aware I’m a bit of a chocoholic. Its the only reason I exercise, so I can eat it. Tried the most amazing chocolates at the weekend, expensive at £1 per chocolate but well worth it. The wisdom of age and the fear of a bigger behind kept my purchase to six units. Interested to be kept in the loop re any special offers I want to the website to sign up for the newsletter. The link led me to a form which asked me to create passwords and submit my full address with forced zip and telephone numbers and right at the bottom a drop down asking for a preference for HTML or Text. I completed it because I’m curious about their comms. I guarantee most consumers won’t. I want a newsletter I expect to part with an email address not jump through hoops. Campaigns I’ve done for FMCG showed a 60% increase in sign ups by removing password creation barriers.Email is still the second strongest medium for online revenue generation. For luxury products it is a valuable communication c

10/10 for Chocolate, 5/10 for online etiquette

hannel, able to create a feast for the eyes with great design as well as compelling content. Don’t alienate people who want to know more but aren’t sure they’ll want to buy. You’re cutting off potential sales. Sign up for our newsletter means email address. Period. Sign up to receive direct mail means postal details. Don’t force a phone number field – half  your data will be false ( the site accepted a row of 9 zeros which was even more annoying) By all means ask for additional data down the line, when the consumer regularly receives and opens your emails, when you know there is interest and the potential for sales. Don’t demand before you deliver.