Last week I sent a curt response to a recruiter using Linkedin to recruit candidates.

The non personalised, standard issue email I received was focused on the recruitment business itself and not on candidates they were trying to recruit. It was another company not working hard enough, putting in minimum effort and expecting results.

My email used the words ‘amateurish’ the phrase ‘spray and pray’ and asked them to take me off their prospect list I wasn’t interested. The profile views by the recruiter over the next few days made me rethink. My comments hadn’t fallen on deaf ears – but there was definitely a better way I could have responded. Monday I apologised to the recruitment exec and emailed the director a list of suggestions on how they could improve their efforts. Both were received with grace and gratitude (thank goodness). My passion is developing businesses using digital -not shooting them down. I was guilty of not practicing what I preach. Shame on me.

In a report released by Econsultancy last week, Content Marketing outshone Social Media, Offline DM, Affiliate marketing, Display and Mobile in terms of ROI. Giving away information and content people need or care about converts browsers into buyers, customers into regulars and ultimately regulars into fans and ambassadors. It doesn’t just work for businesses, it works on a personal level too. When I thought about it the projects I work on now, all began with me giving advice or introducing contacts to one another.Using what or who I knew to help someone out and not directly marketing my services or focussing purely on my business. Being true to my Personal Brand.

The current climate is tough, we’re all having to work harder, it’s easy to forget to be generous. Great business relationships often start with one small step and it’s hardly ever based on buy what I sell. Try doing one of these this week and see what happens

  • Accept a prospecting call from a new business
  • Recognise someone who is brilliant and promote them in a conversation
  • Link to someones content or blog
  • Write a recommendation on Linkedin

Nobody trusts a skinny chef. Practice what you preach.