I unsubscribed from Hubspot on Saturday morning.I was driven to a video of a guy who gave me an impassioned speech. Poor man was resigned to my leaving but didn’t want to let me go without telling me why we were friends. He assumed he had done something wrong and was remorseful, a bit pathetic looking, desperate and pleading. I was smiling broadly at the end of it. Hubspot had used their unsubscribe process as a final sales pitch and it worked. They highlighted one of the tools in their marketing suite, kept my attention a while longer while they proved they could help me create ‘marketing people will love’ I won’t rule out subscribing again and they still retain headspace which is a great result.See video here.

Groupon got a lot of press a few years back for their ‘Punish Derrick’ video which saw the person who was responsible for email marketing punished. The video was made in anticipation of the email fatigue of their database as Groupon mails A LOT. Sears also takes the video route ( thanks John Moore of Merrell Group for highlighting) Not executed as well as ‘the broken man of Hubspot ‘ but I agree with him, when a company makes an effort when you try to break off contact you do tend to leave the door open a bit. Giving a personality to your company is really  effective.unsub

People will want to leave your database. It’s inevitable. Some will have purchased elsewhere, priorities may have changed, others just may not like your communications or your offering. Make it easy for them to go, it’s good manners. If you’re smart you’ll make the most you can out of the situation. Leave them with a good impression, there’s always the possibility they’ll be back. So make it memorable, make them reconsider, make them laugh, make sure you keep a foot in the door – put some work into it. Maybe you aren’t comfortable with video yet, there’s be tons of business using it as Hubspot pushes out its product, but there are other things you could do.

‘Is it me?’ Ask what you did wrong so you know why they’re leaving. You don’t have to go with a tick box, why not incorporate some illustrations they can select a cartoon. Make it a light hearted process. The goal is to elicit some emotion – because that’s how you keep headspace.

‘Let’s stay friends’ Nothing wrong with letting them know where they can find you if they need you in the future. It may be that timing is an issue not what you’re about so giving them a blog address and your SM id’s is a good idea.

‘I will survive’.. I’ve not come across an unsubscribe process which uses a track to communicate the end of the relationship but it’s one I’m working on for a client.

‘You’ll regret this’ How about populating your unsubscribe page with a collage of the best things about your business. Awards you’ve won, compliments and recommendations from other people, stats of people who are back on your database within the year.

Technology is so much cheaper. There are tons of businesses specialising in video production and video content. Its another tool to help to make your marketing fabulous. Use it!