Click here to see video. I’m testing Wistia and haven’t embedded the video in the page.

In my last post focused on video. I’m working with a client about to launch an app which will allow brands to distribute video surveys to their customers and clients via an email or text. Recipients can respond to questions with video using any device they want as long as it has a camera, mic and internet connection. The question we’re still asking and which will only be answered in time is ‘How comfortable will people be using video to communicate?’

Digital media has the spotlight on video. You Tube has 800 million monthly visitors and 4 billion hours of video viewed per month. In 8 years it has transformed the web from mono media to multimedia. Video’s are embedded in blogs, on sites and online shops. It’s used to showcase products, people and to teach (If you want to see some brilliant lectures go to Tedtalks ) The success of the app will be dependent on everyday people being OK with it.

As promised here’s one of mine. I used the app I’m working with to record the video sitting at the kitchen table. In theory people will be uploading content from their homes, bars, shopping centres, parks, basically anywhere they like. I’ve asked the question about Linkedin video profiles again. It’s not perfect, there are a few pauses but I’ve left them in. Once I got over seeing myself as I was (ie not as I like to think I look!) ‘ and obsessing about uneven teeth it was fine. For Linkedin I’d personally be ok using a video option to introduce myself. No point in being self conscious – people will get to see you anyway when you meet them.