Understanding how customers and clients go from interest to advocacy is key to the success of any business. Brands are buying into creating video feedback channels, knowing by letting people talk freely instead of giving them a choice of answers they’ll discover what they don’t know. Tone of voice, body language, facial expressions all contribute to a deeper understanding of opportunities and hurdles.Introducing a video feedback channel to your audience, like most things, works better with a bit of hand holding.

miituu is a video research and opinion gathering tool which is gaining ground as an effective tool for internal communications it’s now being adopted by online brands keen to generate video content for PR and reviews. While the technology is easy to use and accessible to anyone with an internet connected device a little audience preparation goes a long way to maximising video responses. 

4 ways to make your miituu surveys work

1.RECORD YOUR QUESTIONS IN VIDEO. Elect a staff member who doesn’t mind being a front person or hire someone who your audience can relate to. Asking Questions using audio or text yet expecting video responses isn’t realistic. Introduce your questions with a friendly face and a clear voice and people will respond.iences enjoy video surveys.

2. Make your ‘Thank You’ page unique to your business. This is a chance to LET YOUR AUDIENCE KNOW THEIR FEEDBACK IS VALUED. Tell them what decisions the feedback will affect, give them a contact if they want to know what happens with the feedback.

3.Brand your ‘Welcome’ page. EXPLAIN WHY YOU’RE USING VIDEO eg ‘We want you to tell us what you think of us in your own words’ ‘We want to understand how you feel about the cuts to services. Video gives you a voice as well as an opinion.

4. SHOW PREVIOUS VIDEO FEEDBACK Integrate a video wall into your site where your clients/customers can see previous feedback. Include some video feedback in your email or text. Its just feedback, its not an audition, people need to know you aren’t expecting professional video’s.

If you’d like to see a miituu demo or would like a link to a questionnaire so you can experience it yourself please get in touch  angela@pattonplanner.com