Ten years ago I was working at an online marketing agency which although small was posting big numbers each month. Exciting environment, company started in a garage and in two years occupied 4 floors in a beach side office block.Focused on a niche market, aggressive innovation was the bedrock. Every Friday Boss man held a team brain dump where the buyers would pull ten sites we were looking at investing in and between us hammer out the best approaches. I loved them. A weekly hour of intensive growth. I worked with smart people.In that hour they opened their heads and let me inside them. There were no stupid questions. No spectators. Everyone had something to say. Everyone was heard. I’d come out of those sessions fired up. So much more to think about, to implement, to experiment with. I wanted knowledge and I got it. It worked for me, I was getting what I wanted.

People are driven by different things. To make employees feel happy and energised businesses need to tap into what often a very diverse range of employees want. It’s not always about the money. In 2012 £36.9 billion was spent on performance bonuses in the UK but ILM found they had “no impact on the motivation and commitment levels of the vast majority of recipients” More often it’s addressing the human side.“Understanding your employees and what makes them tick is vital in having a happy and motivated workforce,” said Charles Elvin, chief executive of the ILM. “In the past year UK companies have collectively spent an astronomical amount on financial incentives for their staff. But this report is telling us there are far more effective, and cost-effective, ways to motivate people. These include giving regular feedback, allowing people to have autonomy in a role, the opportunity to innovate and improved office environments.”

Unique office environments designed to stimulate energy and to encourage creativity in employees are now pretty common – see 10 Bizarre Objects Found in Cool Offices. What are businesses doing to feed employees need to contribute, to be acknowledged, to be heard? What are businesses missing out on? The opportunity to share experiences, learn from each other and exchange feedback on products, services and customer experiences really has power to unite an organisation. Annual Surveys are out – they don’t have the finger on the pulse that businesses need to be responsive and innovative See Revolution in Engagement surveys. You know by now I’m a fan of video for comms, the possibilities are endless. It’s archaic to not use the technology available to offer employees more opportunities to engage and interact in the workplace. miituu is pretty fool proof and is quickly being used by businesses to start conversations among colleagues.

How To Increase Engagement Using Miituu

Start A ‘MasterClass ‘ Series

Anyone see Eddie Izzard on Parkinson’s Masterclass? Often people’s path to success is built on situations and choices which to the uninformed onlooker aren’t that obvious. For years people who want to get better at something have been told to find someone who is already succeeding and mirror what they do. There are going to be careerists in every company. People who want to get better at what they do so they can progress. Give them access to people who can help them improve or give useful, actionable advice.

Put Management In The Spotlight

Not often enough do employees get access to the people who are driving the business. Often feedback, vision and strategy can become diluted as they make their way down the lines of command. Miituu gives senior management an opportunity to speak to the wider team,focusing on concerns or simply letting people the impact their efforts are having on the goals of the business. Brilliant opportunity to phase in changes, communication what and why straight from the horses mouth. Erases the them and us line.

Promote Staff Contributions

I’ve never been great at presentations. I’ve always admired people who can collate thoughts and communicate them on a document which can inspire thoughts and actions in others. I’m not alone. Some people are just better at communicating through speech. Their ideas flow more smoothly, they know they can have more of an impact with a little personality injection. Supporting projects and innovations with team video contributions is an effective way to give more clarity to clients and recognition to the contributors.

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