Do you remember when most people used to be cagey about posting photographs of themselves online? We’re talking 5 years ago. Egg heads, while still around are no longer as prevalent. People are a lot less sensitive about being judged. These days most of my friends /colleagues have learnt how to highlight their best features in photo’s and selfles. It’s just part of how we communicate now. Images. Expressions. Getting comfortable with video is the same thing. Most people initially won’t enjoy reviewing themselves (exclude 18-24 age group here – they’re VERY comfortable thank you very much!).

It’s always a shock to look at and hear ourselves ‘in action’ But practice makes perfect and people are happier with a bit of direction. If you’re looking at a video channel for customer feedback or employee engagement here are some tips.

1.Keep Your Questions Open Ended The point of using a video feedback channel is to let people say what they think, not give them a choice of answers. ‘Why haven’t you bought from White Company?’ Not ‘Do you think White Company is too expensive? By letting people talk you come across those nuggets of information which can change the course of your business. The stuff you didn’t even think of.

2.Make in intro video. Tell people why you’re using video to collect feedback. Nobody trusts a skinny chef. If you want your people to get comfortable with the medium you need to be using it.

3. Give some recording tips Although feedback apps do have instructions built in regarding light and mic settings , assist your audience with some tips. Not sure where to look? ‘Just focus on the point above your camera/webcam’

4. Have some responses on hand People are happier giving feedback if they can see someone else has done it first.

5.Tell them where/when they can see their feedback  Miituu lets people view feedback and re-record responses before they submit. Thanks for your contribution! You can view your feedback at WEBSITE from DATE. To make contributors feel even more comfortable you can supply administrator contact details. Your contributors need to know they can trust you.

What has Video Feedback been used for??

To collect film reviews for The Book Thief

To find out what HR staff felt about reforms for Panasonic

To get staff feedback at a  marketing event for RBS

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