We work with clients on their customer data. Generating it, working out what it says about people and using that insight to help brands connect with them. Surveys and eye tracking have always been a key part of it but these days we use also use apps, video and more and more frequently RFID. Radio Frequency Identification otherwise know as NFC ( Near field communication) is used by consumers all the time – think  Oyster cards and Nectar cards. Both query a central database to give access and rewards to the individual based on their personal profile. The central database is amended as a consequence of the behaviour and actions of the individual. This data is used to establish and maintain a two way conversation between consumer and brand. RFID goes way beyond access and collecting loyalty points.I’ll use BrewDog as an example of how a brand can use RFID to engage consumers.

BrewDog a young brand. Currently Scotland’s largest independent brewery. Produce Beer. Run Bars. Run Events. Sell Merchandise. Their biggest mission to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as they are.They pursue a personal relationship with their patrons. To do this you need a lot of information about who your patrons are and what they want. RFID is about encouraging a two way dialogue with consumers. To start a conversation you’re going to need some interesting openers. Planning those openers is part of your engagement strategy. The innovations your team will come up with that consumers will find interesting, time saving, amusing, convenient or rewarding. Its up to the consumer when and where they activate their RFID but you’ll learn more about them whenever they do. You’ll be able to tailor your approach by acknowledging what they’re up to and refining your communications.

RFID has been used to ‘check in’ at festivals,feed social media streams, organise playlists based on preferences of the people at a party, activate photo booths, pay for drinks at a bar, enter VIP zones, get discounts on merchandise, get info packs sent to home address, prompt light boards at entry gates ‘Hi Gavin, Tom is waiting in the lounge’ . Possibilities are endless.

How BrewDog would use RFID

  • Firstly think of some brilliant ways to entertain, deliver the unexpected, appreciate, engage, amuse and reward customers.
  • Decide how to let consumers know how they can participate
  • Invite registrations for Passes or Wristbands by submitting ID and Address.
  • Offer consumer choice of branding for pass
  • Send passes through post / arranges collection points in bars. (Personal ID and BrewDog Tag are now matched)
  • Each time the RFID is scanned the pass records the when and what and updates the consumer profile on a central database
  • Could think about a QR code on tag which leads to personalised mobile page.
  • Integrate RFID into CRM so if pass scanned in Manchester bar next comms would refer to that.

Benefits for BrewDog Consumers

Depends entirely on what the brand wants to do for their consumers

  • Insider knowledge/unique content
  • Recognition/Appreciation
  • Access R&D Events
  • Priority Tickets
  • Bar Discounts
  • Cashless option

Benefits for Brand

  • Detailed profiles of consumers for comms
  • Insight into what people are drinking and where- live consumption dashboard.
  • Trend spotting – beers bars merchandise
  • Stock control
  • Allocate VIP privileges remotely – Happy Birthday have a drink on us
  • Pinpoint mega fans and reward them
  • Brand carried around with the consumer
  • RFID can work online or offline

What You Need To Make It Happen

  • An audience
  • An engagement strateg
  • Explanation of how it works
  • Cards/Wristbands
  • RFID Readers in Bars / Shops / Events
  • Couple of hours training


To find out more about RFID see WristMarketing. Experts in their field.