Late addition – saw it after I’d written the blog!

Coca Cola Unveils first TV Ad Made Completely With User Generated Content. Teens show what a sip of the soda FEELS like.

Pets at Home have just released My Pet Moments, crowd sourced videos of people at home with their pets. Marketing director Scott Jefferson said the team were excited about the film ‘it’s honest, funny and emotional all at the same time’ The creative agency wanted to highlight the empathy staff have with customers as most of them own pets themselves. They relate to how customers feel about their pets. Same worries, same joys. Comes down to emotional marketing. Moving people beyond rational thinking. Emotions motivate us to do things. Like buy pet food in Pets At Home instead of the supermarket 🙂

Our fascination about what people think and feel, our curiosity about others lives has kept reality tv going . In May Gogglebox, Channel 4’S documentary pulled in 2.7m viewers. Thats 2.7 million people watching and listening to other people talking about television while they’re watching it. Somebody would have told me that 5 years ago I wouldn’t have believed it. I wouldn’t have believed that my mother would have an affectionate slightly disapproving attachment to a boozy couple from Kent which is purely based on watching them for half an hour a week. But she does.

Here lies the key to sourcing brilliant consumer video . Don’t ask people to talk about a particular service or a product. Get them talking about what makes them tick, why they do what they do, what drives them, their favourite people, what they love. The Rare Tea Company is on the right track. They’ve chosen people to talk firstly about their work and tagged on a tea preference. The Surgeon and His Rare Tea,The Artist and the Ultimate Darjeeling,The Violinist and Her Rare Tea. Great quality mics and cameras come with most devices now, there are apps out there to help collect and manage the video content, consumer sourced video is definitely do-able for most businesses. Just comes down to getting people to talk about the right things. The script.

Ways To Get People Talking

I’ve always wondered why fashion brands don’t get people talking about the histories of their favourite clothes.After all, they’re chosen from thousands of other items,sometimes for special occasions, as a treat, because they make someone feel self confident and they’re often present when something fabulous happens. So much to talk about there, unique personal stories other people can relate to, little snippets of peoples lives. Mine was a blue dress which made me look tanned and lean. I wore it to a fabulous Virgin Atlantic launch party where I met Mr B who was a thoroughly lovely man, to special birthday lunches and got it covered in sand many times while marvelling at moons on windless beaches. That dress saw some really great times.

The anchor questions you use for your consumer feedback will depend on your target market and your brand, but the ideas you get back from the things people talk about will probably set you off in a different direction.

Try some of these for starters

The Day I’d Replay If I Could

What My Children Have Taught Me

The Decision Which Changed My Life

If I Could Live Anywhere

If you like listening to ordinary people telling stories highly recommend The Moth podcasts, true stories told live.

If you have any examples of brands you think are using consumer video well please let me know always looking for inspiration @PattonPlanner.