noThe decision to develop and launch technology is a fun, frustrating, exciting, scary, painful, expensive, exhausting and exhilarating process.

Marketing it is the same.

The digital landscape is ever changing.New products emerge every day. Improved versions of established brands responding to trends and threats present even more competition. There is limited time to make an impact and get established. We spend months getting to the right people , set aside time to do demo’s, answer questions and get back with answers to the questions we can’t answer on the spot. We supply case studies. We research relevance and opportunities. Drives me mad when businesses ask for free trials so they can ‘play around with it ‘to decide if it’s going to work for them.

Why Businesses Need To Pay

We’ll Be On Call

There will be questions despite the support docs, tutorials and videos we’ve provided. There will be phone calls and emails asking ‘How do I?’ and ‘Where is? It’s inevitable when people are getting familiar with new technology. Even the most savvy users will have questions. Its a pleasure to help out when someone has taken the team and the product seriously by paying for a trial. You’ve paid for the time it takes me to answer those questions. To contribute. To make your trial the best it can be.

Risk Is Part Of Doing Business.

Business has risk for everyone. Developers risk time and money and lets face it dreams and vision to ship a product and market it. Businesses who want to use apps and services to fuel their growth need to risk trial money to find that out. Trials aren’t a permanent financial noose around the neck. They’re a short term pass to explore the smarts of people you don’t employ. You’re not impressed you don’t buy in. Your gut says there’s something in it for your company you then you should put your a** on the line and take responsibility for the spend.

New Businesses Need To Be Supported

Start ups need revenue. Not all of them have investment cushions.As with all businesses they work on how much they spend v how much they make. Investing time and money in product development and then giving away trials (plus time and money in support) so potential clients can decide whether to use it or not isn’t good business. The way to judge if a product has real potential is if people are actually paying for it. Thats a hard fact we all accept and understand when we want to try new drinks and clothing. Needs to be the same for technology.