Drum Live and Marketing Society Scotland both did great jobs with their events on Twitter. speakerFormer used  Twitter Mirror to introduce us to faces while the latter kept the excitement amped up with up to the second announcements and pics. Almost like being there except conspicuous lack of champagne in hand and less than glamourous outfit I was wearing (dog walking pants for the curious) For me all that was missing were words. People talking. Why aren’t event promoters using video more in social media? The tech is out there, Vimeo, Vine, Vidyard, Miituu, pretty easy to integrate into twitter strategy, get people talking, answering questions and speaking about what they hope to learn.

3 Ways To Get Things Started

Live and post event content is pretty easy to curate, pre event content is a bit trickier due to lack of material i.e. live attendees. Here’s how we use Miituu to get people talking and get events off to a good start. If you’re a business which hosts a lot of events then get the branded app so you can sit on peoples mobiles and have a content event comms channel. If not you can use miituu without the app, but advise you to not skimp on the wall. High impact visual which you can chop and change every hour if you want.

  • Record intro’s from speakers before events. Brilliant if you’re flying people in for a few hours and don’t want to pay a film crew. ‘Hi I’m Gemma Evans from Fuel.I’m in New York but on Friday I’ll be joining you in London to talk about the businesses who will to lead the market in the next five years’ It’s easier than organising film crew and presents a more intimate introduction, the speaker can record at their own convenience (hopefully not in their own convenience !!)
  • Give delegates the opportunity to submit questions How often have you sat listening to someone with a question bouncing around in your head. Nobody’s asked it, you’re dying to know the answer but you just didn’t have the balls to stand up in front of a room full of strangers and put yourself out there? Lots of people go through that. Host a link on your event site /send a link to attendees inviting questions.
  • Give speakers the opportunity to engage their audience with content people want. Collecting questions from delegates and sharing them with speakers does two things. One, it helps speakers involve the audience by acknowledging posed questions while the delegates can remain part of the crowd.Two, it encourages speakers to focus on information people want to hear about and not churn out a well rehearsed talk which has been done before (really disappointing when you’ve heard the talk before)

Using the Video Content

      Super easy to share content. Also super easy to kill video links if you need to blocking them from public view – instantly.

      • Twitter – Select Video, Link and use buttons to share on FB, Twitter and Hootsuite.
      • Embed -Select Embed. Copy and paste embed code into site/email/blog
      • Video Wall -This is a paid for video template with a .tv url. Drag and drop videos. Change every hour. A bank of humans delegates can click on and hear talk.


  • Use video To Get Video Miituu has both audio and text options as well as video. If you want to generate video responses then use video to talk to your audience. Asking questions in text will get you video responses but not as many as video will. Where possible we like businesses to use their own people, get them involved.Alternatively upload video files into the questionnaire. Experiment with different people, genders, tones. This is where you team can get creative.
  • Talk People Through The Process Like breadcrumbs on a site helps to tell people what to do next. ‘To tell us your areas of interest just click on the movie icon to the right’
  • Think Wall First  Names, Cities, Companies, Positions, Groups, Specialisms can all be displayed on video wall tiles with the talking heads.If you’re thinking of building a video intranet or using the wall as an event backdrop first think what data you want displayed on that wall and ensure you’re adding it in the user fields.

If you’d like to see miituu in action download miituu lite app, get in touch and I can send you a questionnaire you can answer.