Web based video has proved itself as a way for people to satisfy both entertainment and videowork2informational needs. Easy to digest, quicker than text, visually stimulating, shareable, cheap to produce. In B2B video is also flourishing. Businesses use their own sites,social media, email, Youtube and Vimeo to distribute their videos to try to build an engaged client base through thought leadership and product support. It’s starting to pay off.

According to Axonns Research Video in Content Marketing survey 

  • 1 in 5 people in the UK are watching daily videos that are to do with their work.
  • More than two-thirds of companies now use video in their content marketing strategies
  • 78% of organisations surveyed saying they were planning to use more video content in 2014
  • 69% of businesses plan to support video with other types of content on their site

Promoting Your People Using Video

The people in a company are its greatest asset. But have you ever thought of them as a source of totally unique content which could drive business? If you think of it the people in your business know your products backwards, they know the challenges clients and customers have, and have unique talents which make your business work.Give them the opportunity and the tools and they can promote themselves, their experience and their insight both internally and externally.

  • Client Support Too often in business, there are many people who work on an account yet the client only ever sees an account or sales manager. Support projects with video, giving teams an opportunity to introduce themselves to clients, explain their approach / contribution. Benefit for clients – they get to know more about the people who are delivering. Benefit for your people is they have an opportunity to be a face and voice and enhance their profile.
  • Staff Speak Cartoons, drawings, photos, caricatures, bios. Businesses represent staff on their sites in lots of different ways, video is now being used to show expertise of individuals. Nucleus Financial recognise the importance of engaging conversations, shared thinking and capturing video feedback for business.They use miituu to manage and encourage a digital communication strategy across their community of users. http://bit.ly/nucleus_miituu
  • Internal Comms– Brilliant for dispersed businesses where staff are global and rarely meet F2F video is brilliant for bringing people together. Putting a face to a name is great. Hearing what they have to say is even better. Add video profiles to intranets, pose questions, ask for updates and opinions, get leaders to explain the direction and progress.What you’ll do is generate a bank of video content through which employees can get to know each other and the company better at their own convenience. They also get to enhance their own profiles within the company.


  • Two ways you can do Client Support.1.Send clients or customers a link to a video wall where they can see team members focus on explaining their involvement, views or challenges – team overview. 2.You can allow employees to record and send an individual video using a link which you can add to email or text. Suggest you agree on the content focus for the videos beforehand e.g., Introduction,outline of role, any issues, contact numbers.
  • When you’re building up videos for internal intel banks or for intranet profiles make sure you have some examples staff can view, bit of direction works wonders, demonstrating its just colleagues talking and not an audition for The Apprentice.
  • If you have to generate video quickly in response  to a business development or emergency situation it doesn’t really matter where your staff are. They can record straight into their mobile, iPad, laptop as soon as they receive your alert.
  • If you like the idea of changing the videos regularly on your company site to show the breadth of your expertise come up with a content strategy. A basic plan of Audience you want to Speak to /Topics You’ll Focus On /When Videos will be Changed. Collect it in advance, get the approvals and hand it over to whoever is in charge of your site content. That way you wont be scrambling around trying to think of angles and participants.

If you’d like to see miituu in action download miituu lite app on iTunes or Google , get in touch and I’ll send you a quick video question to you how easy it is to generate.