ang’ Lovely to hear from you and even more of a treat to actually see you’

Pushed for time again I was late delivering a project brief. A little embarrassed and eager to communicate my sincere apologies I binned the half written email, recorded a video directly into my phone and sent the message. My hope was it would be a stand-out gesture and it was. My colleague appreciated the personal touch and my tardiness was forgiven.

The small detail of not being seen or heard in conversations has big consequences. Facial expressions and body language are key to building trust. They give us a more nuanced understanding of someones tone and message. Key driven comms just can’t do that. Cant think of one person who hasn’t looked at conversation, email or thread and got the wrong idea at one time or another. We are driven by the senses, seeing and hearing  HOW someone says something gives an opportunity to feel a personal connection and empathy. It also makes people a whole lot more receptive to giving you their time and attention. Super important in real life when you’re building relationships. Super important in business.

Video Use in Business

Last year MarketingProfs made four predictions for video use in business 2016.

  • Video will play a larger role throughout the customer journey.Light content for company overviews and thought leadership. Middle content – demo’s, testimonials and case studies. Closing content – sales greetings and customised video’s. Lots of evidence of this on Vimeo and Youtube.
  • With more ways to use video, more companies will do it themselves. Businesses using video were seeing 50% more revenue. Marketers relying on partners didn’t make sense as timing  was key in customer journeys.
  • More data, more data, and more data .Video generates data which can help to optimise conversion programmes. The growth of video analysis technology would give the opportunity to learn more about customers.
  • More interactive and personalised video content. New technologies designed for B2B marketers would help to turn videos into lean-forward experiences delivering leads and supporting conversions. A move from one video to many into one to one personalised viewing experiences.

The Personal Connection

There is no arguing with these predictions. Youtube is full of demo’s and culture content. I already use video to send messages and to ask for content or favours ( 80% success rate even on a bad hair day see here ) More businesses are taking video in house but not only because it’s proved its worth. With camera’s built into every device and GoPro sales hitting 6.6m in 2015 professional video content generation is possible for people interested in doing it. If you have a smartphone you can make video’s to make business better. Connections between Wistia and Parrot, Vidyard and Salesforce are optimising video within the customer journey, making even closer connections between video and revenue generation. Personalised video marketing is still missing something for me. Mainly because I don’t think we can say something is truly personalised without adding a little bit of human to it. Its just video integrated with data. I don’t think video should be centralised. Its a tool for everyone.

Headspace – Giving It, Getting it and Using It

Private video technology platforms like miituu are helping businesses Johnson & Johnson MISSA use video to bring executives closer to their staff across the UK, Africa and Middle East. Executives record reports for the team when travelling – sharing important news, encouraging questions and communications. Bit like a closed news channel. Talking into a mobile on business trips can be done in hotel rooms, at airports, in office waiting rooms. ‘It makes me more approachable and connected with my people’ (Ian Walker)

Not everything is about ‘big data’  

Small data batches can be as informative and valuable.Iain Burnett is an award winning chocolatier based in Perthshire, Scotland and specialises in exquisite hand crafted, all natural truffles and pralines.I discovered them when I moved to Scotland and have been a fan ever since. They wanted to find out what they were doing right from customers so their commercial director used video to personally ask for feedback. The request is friendly and warm, customers got to see and hear from someone in the business first hand. More importantly, the video responses from customers meant they had feedback which the whole business were able to understand – all on one video wall template. No stats or bar graphs. Just customers talking about what excited them about the chocolate. 

 Customer Reviews – On site – in person

Really liked this one I found from Blessed Bean, a coffeehouse and burger bar in Wagga, Australia. Smart enough to know video reviews would be a lot more effective than anonymous ratings they asked on-site customers why they enjoyed coming to BB.If you listen to the range of feedback it wins hands down against standard survey responses. Some mentioning the quality of the coffee, some the staff service, both solid idea’s that business can use to attract people who look for that.Would have liked to have seen a direct response mechanism at the end of this video (drive to store) but what does come across is the genuine passion for the place. 


I always love to hear and see examples of how people are using video to enrich their marketing and communications. If you have any interesting ones then please let me know about them here. If you’ve still to get into the space then dare you to record a few messages instead of emailing and see what happens.