Business is Business

‘I could never give our CEO your technology. Its far too complicated’  a communications manager concluded after declining to complete the 1 minute video response demo. (No digital tv in their house? Bet you they’ve worked out how to watch youtube on their phone) I can appreciate the rising tide of technology can be pretty overwhelming for professionals who aren’t working in a digital environment. Annoying even. Yet another thing do do on an already big list. However, there’s no getting away from it, If you work in a corporate environment what you’re comfortable using is secondary. Business comes first and there is no ignoring video.

Here are three reasons a CEO would put up with the pain of expanding a communication toolbox with video feedback technology.

Creates a Generational Bridge  Millennial employees are a reality for businesses and that means traditional forms of corporate communication wont wash. They want authenticity, brevity and 24/7 access and spend most of their time on mobile devices. Introducing technology which gives the younger generation an option to see and hear management first hand via their own devices is a smart move. App channels compartmentalise business conversations but mirror a way of communicating which is natural to them.

Cultural Competence Tool Employees with a singular view of the world wont be able to effectively collaborate with international colleagues or negotiate in the global marketplace. Creating a culturally competent organisation is a strategic business priority for many CEO’s, corporate success depends on biases being parked.  While an organisation may not have the budget to train all staff formally the technology means you can select the experienced people in your organisation to talk about doing business with different cultures based on their own experiences. You can build country specific video banks of advice and tips which can be shared with employees based on their roles.

Global Insight – Accessible, Immediate Every organisation is vulnerable to it – crisis. Unforeseen and uncontrollable circumstances which impact a business and can be catastrophic. Decisions need to be made and quickly. With the weight of this on her/his shoulders video comms technology offers a CEO the ability to request and generate opinions from key people in every office globally and have access to it a few minutes after respondents have submitted feedback. This way they can get a richer understanding of the priorities and concerns of their team first hand and in person and plan accordingly.