Angela Patton

My name is Angela Patton. I’m a Digital Planner and Marketer based in the Scotland and Director at Mobbus. I’m passionate about changing the way people perceive products and companies by focusing on digital communications, video feedback and content centric business apps.

Some of the projects I’ve worked on 

Email Marketing – Helping  a recruitment company to encourage their members to upload CVs and interact by designing an email marketing programme which prominently featured the benefits of the company. I’ve used email to drive sign ups, sales, footfall and voucher redemptions.

Content Strategy – working with clients to define their businesses uniqueness, then put together content which communicates that, first attracts and then engages  their target audience.

RFID Technology – Radio Frequency iD is used for a host of different things but I’ve worked on projects for large scale events using RFID to drive client data.

Customer Engagement – doesn’t matter how big your customer database is, unless they’re interacting with you you can’t sell to them or turn them into fans. I’ve helped clients identify and enhance their customer life cycles, increasing interaction and sales.

Contact Details

Will get back to you as soon as I can.


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