Email Marketing

With so much emphasis on Social Media and Content Marketing email has taken a bit of a back seat in the digital media world. Many businesses think it’s a waste of time sending newsletters or emailing their database. However, email is unique in having value for both ROI and long term profitable relationships and can be integrated with both. More importantly it is a strong revenue driver. In the Econsultancy report (March 2013) only SEO out performs email in terms of ROI.

If you want instant results then email marketing is still a solid choice.The rules of email change regularly so you do need to check your programs. ISP’s chop and change their filters which affect delivery, layouts are subject to trends, mailing frequency and time slots need to be constantly experimented with and now content has become a focus as brands realise they need to  build relationships with their databases and not just push products at them. Subject lines need to be attractive and relevant or nobody will bother to open your email in the first place. Sounds like a lot of hassle but it’s so worth it, we’re talking major results.

I can help with database building, email creative, copy writing, optimising and broadcasting services.

Benefits of Email 

It’s cheap. For SMEs email really is a foundation marketing strategy. Start collecting email addresses on your website and social media pages and you don’t need to rely on anyone else to drive revenue.If you have under 2000 subscribers you can even send email for free

Personalisation.Communications can be very intimate. Relevancy can be achieved by using dynamic content, a method for customising parts of your email creative with text or images personalised to that specific recipient.

Segmentation.You can segment your customers into groups that have similar traits. Segments can be based on almost anything – age, gender, email behaviour or spending habits. This means a greater level of targeting and improves the customers experience with your brand or company.

Highly Measurable. Lots of metrics you can optimise to improve performance; opens, clicks, unsubscribes. Fairly predictable post test phase so you can work to revenue goals.

Mega Profitable. DMA estimates that every $1 spent on email marketing generates $40.56 in revenue.

What you can use it for 

  • Telling stories about the people behind your business and notable milestones
  • Repurposing valuable content created for and through social networks, blogs,  etc.
  • Driving subscribers to discussions on social network sites, community forums and blogs
  • Promotions
  • Distributing vouchers
  • Driving footfall
  • Inviting customers to submit reviews and ratings for products and services
  • Encouraging subscribers to participate in surveys and studies
  • Promoting Facebook pages, linkedin posts and competitions

What you need to think about

Your Marketing Database.How to build and grow it, how to make sure your database is responsive. The focus needs to be on the quality of your database and not it’s size. Non incentivised data collection is always better than incentivised. Collaborative content with suppliers and partners will help to drive subscriptions. A good database is the cornerstone of a good campaign.

Your Strategy. Who your customer is, how they perceive your company and what motivates them to act. What you’ll promote as your strengths and what your core messages will be. Really important to define your customer lifecycle and set rules which will help you to segment customers into stages. This makes it easier to send them the right messages at the right time increasing conversions.

Your Creative. Test Test Test before you send ensuring the email can be viewed on all the main platforms.Calls to Action need to be clear – what you want the recipients to do.Make sure you include a link to a hosted version in case there are viewing problems. Subject lines are crucial to getting eyeballs and can have more impact if they contain references e.g. Dates, Events (the Jubilee) Weather, Personalities, Deadlines.

I have over 10 years email marketing experience, please get in touch if your email marketing isn’t going well or you want to start a programme for your business. If you have a question shoot it over via email and I’ll try to help


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